Our mision and company goals.

A wonderful brand with powerful skin actives to rejuvenate, nourish and make the skin look radiant, flawless and younger.

About Our Online Store

Q56 Paris is the brand name of Laboratoire Pharmaclear and exclusively distributed by C&C Beauty Bliss Cosmetics Limited. The products are natural, safe to the skin and ideal for all skin types.

Q56 Paris is a beauty brand offering a wild range of skincare products including Whitening and nourishing lotion, Beauty Soap, Shower gel, Serum, Face Cream and other skin care formulas. The brand’s high-performance ingredients are inspired by a mix of science and nature and have been proven to take care of most skin problems effectively. Our renowned and seasoned researchers are poised to providing the best beauty regimen to suite the needs of our numerous customers all over the world thereby perfecting their beauty dreams with a difference.

We are committed to delivering a very high quality standard of cosmetics products to all women and men who would want to experience the power of natural beauty with plant extracts without the use of harmful chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury and steroid. Our wide range of rigorously tested natural cosmetic products will solve your numerous skin issues flawlessly.

Due to our passion for natural beauty, we are dedicated to ensuring we provide a classic and trusted range of cosmetic products to meet the aspiration of our customers worldwide who would want to look elegant with a radiant skin glowing in beauty.

Our lightening and hydrating products are for women and men who would want to get rid of dryness, dark spots, wrinkles, freckles, blemishes and of all sorts of skin imperfections. Feel the power of natural beauty and be convinced we have the solution to your myriad of skin imperfections. With Q56 Paris range of cosmetic products, beauty can reconnect with nature.