Shipments and returns

Packages are generally dispatched within 1 working day after receipt of payment and are shipped via the selected shipping method and speed chosen at checkout. Please note that while non-tracked or standard delivery options might be cheaper, they often take much longer to deliver and as they are non-tracked, we will be unable to tell you the location of your item and we won’t replace any “lost-in-the-post” or non-delivered items. We therefore recommend that you always choose tracked delivery options for peace of mind and quicker delivery times. If you prefer or require special delivery arrangements, an additional cost may be applied, so please contact us to discuss this.

Whichever shipment choice you make, we will update your order status every step of the way to keep you informed. The order status can be viewed from your account page and you will also receive an e-mail notification about every progress we make with your order. Depending on your chosen shipment method, we will also provide you with a tracking number and a link to track your package online.

Shipping fees already include handling and packing fees (where applicable) as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. These charges are set by the delivery companies. Please, note that many orders on our site qualifies for free shipping. Where applicable, this will be advertised accordingly either on product page or at checkout.

We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Where necessary due to shipping/carrier restrictions, we may split your order into two different packages.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Delivery times

While we do our best to dispatch your packages within 1 working day for those in lagos and 2 working days for those outside lagos, the quoted delivery times are approximate and are solely dependent on and controlled by the delivery company’s network.


Flat shipping rates

We have teamed up with DHL to help deliver your packages safe and quick and at the same time, reduce your delivery costs by offering you flat and fixed shipping rates. Our DHL delivery rates are fixed as follows:

  • DHL Express Worldwide:Fixed for the first 2kg and then in 0.5kg increments thereafter – rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg. To put this in perspective, you will pay the same amount in shipping costs to have 4 x 500ml lotions delivered as you’d pay for 1 x 500ml lotion.
  • DHL Domestic Express: Fixed for the first 10kg and then in 0.5kg increments thereafter – rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg. To put this in perspective, you will pay the same amount in shipping costs to have 20 x 500mllotions delivered as you’d pay for 1 x 500ml
  • DHL Economy Select: Fixed for the first 10kg and then in 1kg increments thereafter – rounded up to the nearest 1kg. To put this in perspective, you will pay the same amount in shipping costs to have 20 x 500mllotions delivered as you’d pay for 1 x 500ml

So, why not buy more items and start saving!


International Economy is the affordable option for posting overseas and it is ideal for heavier orders when you’re not in a rush.

Please note that this service is not tracked and no compensation is included in case of non-delivery. As above, we will be unable to tell you the location of your item and we won’t replace any “lost-in-the-post” or non-delivered items.

We aim (not guaranteed) to deliver your order to:

  • Western Europe in up to 2 weeks
  • Eastern Europe in up to 5 weeks
  • North America in up to 6 weeks
  • South America, Africa and Asia in up to 8 weeks
  • Australia in up to 12 weeks

Returns policy.

Our aim is that all our products reach you in perfect condition. If you’re disappointed in any way we would like to know, so please make sure you contact us if this is the case.

As long as your product is unopened, you can return your item within 7 days for a full refund less postage charges. Note, “Unopened” means products must be returned in their original postage package without damage or wear. If your product is opened but defective, you can return your item within 7 days. All sales after the 7-day period are FINAL.

Once we receive the item and subsequently determine that the item is indeed defective, we will issue a replacement or reimburse the cost of the item to their shopping account if the product is no longer available. If need be, you may request a credit slip or voucher towards your next order.

If the product is found not to be defective, or if the defect is a result of mishandling by the customer, the customer incurs the return shipping costs (for sending the item back to the customer) and is not eligible for any of the return options.

We will not exchange items that have been opened or used!

Customers are responsible for the return postage costs in all cases.

Returning an item.

To return your purchased items to us, simply Log in to your account (the account with which you made the original purchase) and click on ‘Order History and details’. Click the ‘Details’ button corresponding to the order that contains the item you want to return. Follow the instructions under the ‘Merchandise Return’ heading. Please, make sure you enter an explanation for the return as failure to do so may result in delay in processing your return or in a total refusal of the return. When done, click the ‘Make an RMA slip’ button. A Merchandise Return (RMA) record with the status: “Waiting for Confirmation” will be created in your account and we will be notified.


Please don’t send your item to us at this stage just yet, if you do, you risk the package getting lost as we may not be able to relate it to your account. If your return is denied and you have already sent back your item to us, you’ll have to pay for another postage cost for us to return it to you.  Instead, wait for us to examine your RMA slip (this is usually quick). Once your RMA slip have been approved, we will notify you via email and equally update the ‘My Merchandise Returns’ section of your account where a Return slip will also be available for you to print out and include in the item you are returning to us. Please, make sure you follow the instructions on the Return slip.  We will keep you updated with the progress of your return via e-mail and through the ‘My Merchandise Returns’ section of your account.

Please send the products you are returning along with the Return slip from above, to the address below:





Only goods purchased online can be returned using this means. If you have purchased our products from a store, it will have to be returned to that store.

All returned goods will be examined and approved by our team before refund is processed. Once approved, payment refunds will be made via the same means that was used in making the original purchase and your accounts will be updated accordingly. We aim to process every refund within 5 working days but this may be longer in some cases.


Please contact us.