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Natural lightening

All our products are made of plant extracts and essential oil to nourish and restore the skin’s youthfulness.  Due to the danger inherent in the use of dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone, steroid, mercury and host of others, we tend to go green by making sure that all our products are natural and do not constitute any iota of problem to the skin. Our products are 100% safe to the skin. Although the lightening effect is not as fast as lightening effect from dangerous chemicals, but within 3 weeks to one month, one can see visible effect from the use of our products and the lightning will be radiant, uniformed and appealing to the eyes.

Stay clear from products that contain all these dangerous chemicals because the long term use leads to many skin issues like Ochronosis which is (thickening, bluish and darkening of skin especially for people of color), it has carcinogenic effects to the skin (Skin cancer) and is considered cytotoxic (Toxic to cells) and Mutagenic. It triggers abnormal function of the adrenal glands and causes blood disease. Mercury poisons the blood stream, causes kidney, brain, nervous and gastrointestinal disorders, skin rashes, mood swings, memory loss and muscle weakness. Steroids causes thinning of skin or stretch marks, acne, and a host of other problems. Cultivate the habit of using products with natural ingredients because they are harmless to your skin. A stich in time saves nine.

Stretch Marks Free

Because our products are not made with steroids or other dangerous chemicals, long term use will not cause stretch marks but rather it will tend to diminish the stretch marks already caused by harmful chemicals.

Hydroquinone Free

 Hydroquinone works by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase which is important in skin pigment (melanin) development. It is important to be aware that Melanin actually provides protection against UV radiation. It is more effective than any sunscreen known to man. It diffuses UV radiation and turns it into harmless heat. It whitens skin by killing your skin’s pigment cells. It also degenerates collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. (Note: Collagen should be strengthened in order to have a youthful, smooth and glowing skin.

Using hydroquinone is counter-productive. It defeats the purpose which you want it to achieve. You want glowing, radiant, healthy and brighter skin. The long-term use only leads to these horrible signs and effects: unseemly dark knuckles and ankles, unsightly purplish varicose veins, a patch-work of colors on once beautiful skin. Do have a rethink and value your skin.

Steroid free

Steroid is considered as one of the most dangerous chemicals used in skin care products. Its harmful effects include but not limited to: Acne, Atrophy, Epidermal barrier disturbance, Steroid rosacea, Perioral dermatitis, Hypertrichosis, Hyperpigmentation, Stretch marks, etc.

Mercury free

Mercury poisons the blood stream, causes kidney, brain, nervous and gastrointestinal disorders, skin rashes, mood swings, memory loss and muscle weakness. So, avoid it in its entirety.

Clear skin imperfections

With our products, skin imperfections are taken care of due to the numerous skin clearing ingredients used. Holistic use of our products makes ensures that your skin does not remain the same after a long period of use. Smooth, radiant and glowing skin is assured when used judiciously.

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